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Car/Motorcycle Loan

Any Bangladeshi individual who has the means and capacity to repay bank loan, In specific terms, these could be salaried employees/executives of multinational and middle to large size local corporate, Government, Semi-autonomous body, in reputed NGOs (Non Government Organizations) international aid agencies and UN bodies, and other employees acceptable to the bank


  • To Purchase a brand new or reconditioned Car for personal use only
  • To Purchase a brand new Motorcycle for personal use only


Customer Eligibility:

  • Minimum age 25 years ( At the time of application)
  • Maximum age at loan maturity up to 60 years (At the end of Loan Tenor)
  • For salaried individual, must be Permanent & Confirmed employees of a relevant firm with minimum 3 years experience in the present organization
  • For Businessmen, Business Record of minimum 2 years
  • Yearly income  should be At least three times of the  total yearly installments amount of applied loan.
  • Borrower must reside for at least 6 month in the same addres


Loan Size: Maximum amount of loan under this Scheme will be Tk.10.00 lac (Taka Ten Lac) for Car and Tk.1.00 Lac  for Motorcycle.

Loan to Value Ratio: Maximum 50% of the cost of the Car/Motorcycle is allowed


Documents Required:

  • Two Personal Guarantees with net worth declaration.
  • Personal Guarantee of spouse/parent
  • Post dated cheques for all installments
  • One undated cheque covering total amount of all installments


Tenor: Minimum 1 Year; Maximum 5 Years

Availability Period : Maximum 6 months from the  date of sanction advice

Repayment method: Equal Monthly Instalment.

Prepayment : Loan to be prepaid on payment of 2% breakage cost on prepayment amount

Disbursement Mode: By issuing payment order directly to the seller

Debt Burden Ratio (DBR%): A maximum of 33% based on net monthly income.


Documents Required:

  • Recent Passport size photographs of applicant(s) and guarantor (s).
  • Photocopy of NID/Passport of applicant (s) and guarantor (s)
  • Latest Utility Bill (Gas/Water/Electricity)
  • Quotation for Vehicle/Motorcycle to be purchased.
  • Business Card/Office ID of applicant (s) and guarantor (s), if any
  • Latest Tax Certificate / E-TIN
  • Personal Net Worth statements of applicant (s) and guarantor (s).
  • Bank Statement of last 12 months for businessmen and 6 months for others.
  • Rent or Lease agreement of house/property (if applicable)
  • 1st Party Insurance comprehensive insurance of the car
  • Joint Registration of the car/motorcycle ( Borrower & Bank) 
  • Salary Certificate / Letter of Introduction.
  • Employer Certificate issued by the concerned Institution

Documents Requirement for Businessmen :

  • Copy of Up to date Trade License.
  • Copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association.
  • Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Latest Form XII
  • Registered Partnership Deed.
  • Two years bank transaction record



*condition will be applicable