Uttara Bank PLC.
Uttara Bank PLC.

Uttaran Small Business Loan (USBL)

Category / Loan type:Term Loan

Purpose :

  • To help the genuine businessmen having entrepreneurship, initiative, sincerity, honesty to expand and run their business smoothly under Small Enterprise category.
  • To enable a section of people having small capital to do business with the help of Bank Finance.
  • To improve the banking habit of self employed persons of the society
  • To contribute towards development of socio-economic condition of the country


Customer Eligibility :

  • Must be a growing Business Concern.
  • At Least 2 Years Business History.
  • Must be a Current Account Holder of the Bank.
  • Up dated clean CIB Report.


Security :

  • Registered Mortgage of Land & Building
  • Personal Guarantee of the Owner(s)/ Directors.
  • Post dated cheque.
  • Other Securities as acceptable to the Bank


Repayment : Equal Monthly Installment .

Interest Rate : Market Competitive


Required Documents:

  • Valid Trade License.
  • Up to date TIN Certificate.
  • KYC
  • Regulatory papers

Loan Tenor :1 years to 5 years .

Debt Equity Ratio : 70 : 30



*condition will be applicable