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Uttaran Street Urchin and Working Children SB A/C


Uttaran Street Urchin and working children SB A/C is a special Savings Account for the Street Urchin and working children. The account is basically introduced for the better life & safe guard of the beneficiary.


Features :


  • Minimum initial deposit & its amount ,Tk10
  • Minimum balance flexible
  • Higher Interest Rate
  • Free of  service charges & fees
  • Any one of Biological parents & their children may operate the account
  • A/C to be operated by representatives of NGO and number of officers must be at least two , if biological parents/guardian not available
  • Online facility not applicable to the account
  • Account may operate either chequing or non chequing

Eligibility   :


Any Street Urchin & working children who are less than 18 years old may open the account.


Required Documents:


  • Copy of Bilateral Agreement between Bank & NGO
  • Resolution  & minutes of NGO’s Board of Directors /Trustee Board for opening the account
  • Description regarding activities of NGO on Street Urchin and Working Children
  • Copy of relevant documents  to NGO’s registration
  • Two copy of recent passport size photograph  of the account holder and  a/c operators
  • KYC of Account holder
  • KYC of Account operator(s)
  • Photocopy of BRC of account holder arranged by NGO , if parents/ guardian not available


  • Account holder can operate the account singly at the age of 18
  • SMS facility