Uttara Bank PLC.
Uttara Bank PLC.

International Trade Services and Business Finance:

Uttara Bank PLC. has 49 years of experience as International Trade Services & Financial facilities provider. By rendering adequate excellent and proper skilled services; we ensure and take the responsibility of balance of trade & settlement of cross border transaction of importer and exporters for their entire reliability, risk mitigating satisfaction and also provide secured finance as and when required. Our bank has more than 648 foreign correspondent Banks with swift RMA (Relationship Management Application) arrangement worldwide through whom or who through us, operate international banking business curriculum with full reliability to each other. Our 39 AD Branches are providing required services and financial products  to the importers / exporters of international market - some of which are described below in short

A) Import related services & financial products     

(1)  Pre import service & finance 

  • Import related papers & documents checking as per IPO, Central Bank Guideline & UCPDC and arrange approval
  • Import LC opening
  •  Fund arrangement
  • Nominate foreign correspondent bank(s) for LC advising, negotiate & reimbursement.  

(2) Post import service & finance

  • Documentary Bill Checking, lodgment,  Settlement, retirement by maintaining customs & Central Bank formalities & following UCPD
  • Arrangement of approved fund by way of different product as PAD, LTR, LIM, IFBC etc. as proposed at the time of / before opening LC etc.
  • Maintaining business Cycle

All service charge, commission, rate of interest on fund are low and competitive


(B)  Export related services & financial products.

(1)  Pre shipment service & finance    

  • Export LC Checking, & Advising
  • Determination of related financial requirement
  • Arrangement of raw materials for manufacturing / export by BG, BBLC, ILC, IFBC, LTR, LIM, etc.
  • Pecking Credit / OD export are also provided when required (e) Arrangement of EDF & maintain up to settlement.  

(2)  Post shipment service & finance:

  • Export document checking, Bill negotiation, FBP, IBP etc.
  • Export Doc. Bill collection, FDBC, FBC
  • Correspondence with paying bank for settlement of payment
  • Maintaining ERQ Account etc. (e) Settlement of repatriated proceeds & advance payment against export

However, despite of above services & finance to the importer / exporter, our bank also provide excellent services against inward & outward remittance and also maintaining foreign currency accounts, of private Individual, Ltd Co. and for Multinational Joint Venture Co.  Project, Foreign Co. & Grants, Investment, EPZ  Co. etc.


Foreign Remittances:

(1) Inward  : Any person can remit money to Bangladesh through our 648 correspondent Banks or 79 exchange co. worldwide abroad to meet up their genuine & legal requirements. Commercial remittance other than import or export or maintaining deposit purpose by opening F.C. A/c and also for the purpose for settlement, FC encashment, Foreign Investment etc.    

(2) Outward  :  For miscellaneous purpose remittance, Life saving drug, student admission fee and educational expenses, passport endorsement, medical treatment, salary in foreign Currency etc., audited profit of Joint Venture  Co. etc.                                                                             

(3) Deposit or FC account maintaining : 

  • By opening FC account -  FCAD, FCAP, FCAE, RFCD account, NFCD accounts for private to commercial and international reputed organization and Diplomatic & UN Official etc.
  • Taka account NITA, Taka Account of diplomatic mission UN organization, Non profit international organization foreign connectors  / Consultants etc. against F.C. A/c.