Uttara Bank PLC.
Uttara Bank PLC.

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Uttara Bank Limited has set the highest priority to mobilize inward foreign remittance sent from Non-Resident Bangladeshi Nationals living and working in different parts of the world. Remittance service of the bank is easier, faster and safer.

At present the bank has 70 exchange houses/banks located in the Gulf States, South East Asia, UK, USA, Canada, Europe and Australia to help the expatriate Bangladeshis send their hard earned money to the beneficiaries back home. Being dedicated to the remittance business, the bank has the following facilities to make a distinction in serving the customers –

  • Dedicated Remittance Department to monitor all the incoming remittances and provide the status of each remittance to the remitting company and likewise instantly solve any problem for smooth and timely payment.
  • Web portal in the name of ‘Remittance Management Software’ through which foreign remittances are directly at their disposal at our bank branches to pay the beneficiaries on demand.

Our bank has remittance products and services for Account Credit Service, Cash over Counter Service (Instant Cash) and SWIFT service regarding dealing with remittances of Bangladeshi expatriates.

Account Credit Service:

Upon receiving Payment Instructions of remittances from remitting companies, the same are credited instantly to the beneficiaries’ account for our own bank's customer. And for the customers of other banks, beneficiaries’ respective bank accounts are credited through Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network (BEFTN) on the same day.

Cash over Counter Service:

Payment is made to the beneficiaries in cash over the counter of any branch of our bank upon presenting valid Transaction Number/PIN along with the beneficiary’s approved Photo ID i.e. National ID / Passport / Driving License / Remittance Card / Credit Card, etc.

SWIFT Service:

Bangladeshi expatriates can also send their money reliably and safely under SWIFT system through our agent banks worldwide.

For rendering speedy, simple and secured services to the customers, our products are customized with the following advantages –

  • ATM booth service to receive money at any time.
  • SMS service is provided to inform the sender & recipient of account credit remittances.
  • OneStop service in all the branches of our bank to receive remittances.