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Monthly Deposit Scheme (MDS)

(Updated as on 11-Oct-2023)


Introduction :

Your familiar Time Deposit Account – now with more safety and return !

‘MDS Account’ is the account where you can deposit your money in installment with full confidence. It’s an account tailor-made to provide you a very good return for different tenure – making it the classic choice for you. You can deposit here in a single or joint name.


Best for you if you have

  • The willingness of regular Savings
  • The requirement of the highest Safety of your money


Features :

  • More than one account can be opened
  • Pre-matured Encashment facility on condition
  • installment size: BDT.500/-, 1000/-, 2000/-, 5000/-, 10000/-, 15000/-, 20000/-, 25000/-, 30000/-
  • Tenure : 05 years & 10 years
  • No Service/maintenance Charge


Chart of installment, Tenure & Payable after Maturity:


                    *The payable amount might be changed; Govt. Tax/Duty would be paid by the client.


Eligibility :

  • Minimum Age : 18 years
  • Bangladeshi Citizen


Required Documents :

  • 02 (two) copies of PP size Photograph attested by introducer
  • Photocopy of NID / Passport / Driving License
  • Application for opening account (available at all branches)


Facilities :

  • Available Loan facility against face value after one year