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Savings Platinum (NRB) Bank Deposit Account



Your familiar Savings Account – now with more ease and return!


'Savings Platinum (NRB) Bank Deposit Account’ is the account that provides you the competitive savings rate for any standard Savings Account for Non Residential Bangladeshis. It’s an account tailor made to provide you a very good interest rate at a low balance requirement – making it the classic choice for you.


You can deposit your money in this account in single or joint name.


Best for you if you

  • Are a Non Residential Bangladeshi
  • Want of interest on your deposit
  • Expect highest Safety of your money



  • Standard Savings Account
  • Interest is paid twice a year



  • Minimum Age : 18 years
  • Non Residential Bangladeshi


Required Documents:

  • 02 (two) copies of PP size Photograph attested by introducer
  • Photocopy of NID / Passport / Birth Registration Certificate/ Valid Workpermit
  • Application for opening account (available at all branches)



  • 'Savings Platinum (NRB) Bank Deposit Account' Can transfer to any branch
  • 50% discount on all types of bank charges
  • Comes with Check Book Facility